Academic Support

Meridyen has established a new service unit: Meridyen Consulting

Merdiyen has established the Merdiyen Consulting Unit in order to provide a roadmap for […]

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Meridyen Debating Club

University students are meeting at Meridyen Association for the world’s most intellectual game! Meridyen, […]

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Supportive Grants for Projects in the Social Sciences

Objectives The general aims of the Meridyen Association aid scholarships are to encourage qualitative […]

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Why Social Sciences

Social sciences are an academic discipline that investigates human beings and society, analyzing the […]

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Meridyen works towards training qualified social scientists, seeing humanitarian and social sciences as the key to understanding people and society. It supports academic works in the fields of social sciences and humanities beyond the understanding of classical bursaries. It evaluates applications which are submitted with academic references through an academic committee in the scope of certain criteria, supporting the projects and works which it approves of. It conducts encouraging efforts towards channeling qualified youth towards social sciences.

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