Meridyen Meetings

Sare Davutoğlu at Meridyen Meetings

The fourth of the Meridyen Meetings took place with the participation of the Prime […]

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Emine Erdoğan at Meridyen Meetings

The third of the Meridyen Association’s meetings took place with participation from Prime Minister […]

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Republic of Turkey Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu at Meridyen Meetings

The second thematic Meridyen Meetings, which were kicked off by the Meridyen Association, took […]

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The first of the thematic ‘Meridyen Meetings’ was held

The first of the thematic ‘Meridyen Meetings’ initiated by the Meridyen Association was held […]

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The Meridyen Association conducts thematic meetings which are widely attended. The first of these meetings took place with the attendance of Turkey’s first lady Mrs. Hayrünnisa Gül on Dec. 24, 2010. The panel titled “Investment in mankind/Encouragement of global success,” also saw attendance from academics, artists, writers as well as many businesswomen, representatives from non-governmental organizations and members and volunteers from the Meridyen Association.

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