Merdiyen has established the Merdiyen Consulting Unit in order to provide a roadmap for youth who are the at the risk of losing their way in the pollution of information that is in the modern world and forming a bridge between academics and youth, as well as serve as a guide for youth in their academic choices and their academic and intellectual development.

This unit, which is focused on sharing experience within Meridyen’s extensive network, will provide consulting in the following fields:


*Undergraduate –and postgraduate university and concentration selection.

*University suggestions for studying abroad

* Distance learning

*Contribution to academic and intellectual development

How Can I Apply?

Applications will be taken either through the online application form found below or via telephone. After the applications are evaluated in the association by the relative department, Meridyen consultants will choose a pairing in line with the choices of the candidates and contact the parties involved.

Appointments will be arranged after speaking to both parties and it will be arranged for the sides to meet either at the assocation headquarters or via e-mail.

You can  fill out the applicaton form below in order to apply online.

Name – Surname (required):

Date and place of birth

Short curriculum vitae:




The field in which you would like to receive consulting:
Undergraduate university degree selectionPost graduate university degree selectionEducation abroadDistance LearningContribution to academic and intellectual development

Please provide some short information about the field in which you would like consulting:

Through this service, Meridyen will provide the service for bringing the sides together and pairing them up and does not take responsibility for the advice shared by either side, content, pointing to a direction and actions taken such as approach. The sides already accept that they know that Meridyen does not have any responsibility and these were the conditions when they had applied to Meridyen.