Social sciences are an academic discipline that investigates human beings and society, analyzing the relationships between individuals, humans and society, as well as that between human beings and objects, and thus systematically generates information while using scientific methodology and presenting this knowledge in a scientific order. The need for a genuine understanding that is supported by a critical perspective in the various disciplines of the social sciences, including history, sociology, geography, anthropology, political science, international relations, linguistics, communication studies and economics, has prompted us to work in this area.

Social sciences, the key to understanding humans and society, are the ground for making sense of the past, understanding the present and creating a future. Changes in social sciences certainly lead the technological improvements that have occurred in the transition from agricultural societies to industrial societies and finally to the information society. For this reason, a genuine understanding of social sciences holds the utmost importance for our society. Only with such an understanding can the ideas be put into practice with original and leading works being developed. The Meridyen Association has determined the social sciences as their area of expertise so that it can:

  • Have a broader understanding of social sciences, past and present, and question the dominant paradigm,
  • Develop a genuine understanding of social sciences that is inherent in the very essence of humanity,
  • Ensure that the development of social science studies in Turkey is compatible with the problems of society,
  • Broaden the scope of the area of social sciences and support original projects in areas of increased importance