The Meridyen Circle annual meeting occurred on December 27, 2014 in the Meridyen Associaton around the theme of “How and what to discuss?: Debating in the Islamic Tradition”.

The meeting, which started with the speech of Meridyen Association Executive Committee Vice President Hatice Uğur, continued with the briefing of the moderator, Osman Demir, Assoc. Prof. from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Theology, about Meridyen Talks series and speakers.

Yalova University Faculty of Islamic Studies member Eşref Altaş, Ass. Prof. started his presentation, titled “Study of Debating: How and What to Say to the Seeker of Truth”, by talking about the concepts of “truth”, “witness” and “debating”.


Altaş, Ass. Prof. said: “Debating is taking a mutual journey” and continued his speech with explaining the relationship between fallacy and debate.

Lastly, Altaş, Ass. Prof. expressed his thoughts about technical debating rules and left the floor to the Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Literature Philosphy Department member Mehmet Özturan, Ass. Prof.

“Debating is to give justifications to the premises that we thought and believe to be true. ” said Özturan, Ass. Prof. and continued with the importance of providing justifications.


Özturan ended his speech by giving examples about debate and contradictions.