The fourth of the Meridyen Meetings took place with the participation of the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s wife, Sare Davutoğlu, on January 17, 2015 at the Mariott Hotel Asia in İstanbul.

Along with a great number of academics, artists and writers, members of the parliament, wives of ministers, businesswomen, non-governmental organization representatives and Meridyen Association members and volunteers attended the meeting, which occurred within the theme of “Education and Multiculturalism”. The meeting started with the welcoming speech of our host İnci Ertuğrul and with short introductory movies about Meridyen Association’s fields of work.



Our guest of honor, Sare Davutoğlu, began her speech by expressing the importance of the work done by the association:

“I am very excited to be with you in this beautiful event of Meridyen Association, which we established in 2006. Meridyen is a work of idealism, commitment, voluntary togetherness and solidarity. It has been paving the way for our youth in the field of social sciences since the day it was founded. It is supporting the young minds that are determined and full of desire for knowledge both in a material and a moral way. Above all, these self-sacrifices are done to raise true, honest and beneficial people. The Meridyen Association’s efforts encourage the world to remember again the importance of being human prior to geographical borders, languages and sects. For this reason, I am very happy to be a part of Meridyen Association’s work for nine years and to have the pleasure of being with you today.”

“As you know,, which was conducive to the founding of Meridyen Association, was launched after a cartoon crisis, like the one in France, which took place in Denmark in 2005.” said Sare Davutoğlu, and continued with how Web Project contributed to defending peace, justice, rights and freedom in the world and also responded to the rising calls for multiculturalism, tolerance and mercy.

Sare Davutoğlu continued:

“Meridyen Association, which gathered us here today, is one of our ideal NGOs with the very important work it has been doing up to this day. Meridians are lines that encircle our world from one pole to the other. This geographical concept explains the association’s goals and aims very beautifully. Meridyen Association makes an effort to remove the distance between people and turn their differences into a cultural wealth. It aims to blend accumulation of universal knowledge with social values and to create a tradition of an authentic language and thought. With this aim, the association supports social sciences research that brings together the social values and requirements of the day in a reasonable way. If we can combine social sciences work with multiculturalism and our experiences of living together, we can generate solutions. Meridyen Association both guides our youth in this sense and brings motivation. It uses its financial resources for the benefit of society by taking current social and cultural conditions into consideration. In this way it is preparing the ground for different cultures to co-exist and making investment in the social consensus culture. Not just inward oriented, it also has an outward looking vision. It is building bridges that lie between the past and future and also between the local and universal. With Meridyen and similar volunteer associations, we are trying to share our experience of living together with the whole world.”



“ Web page passes on the ideal life of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), who established the basic principles of living together, to different cultures. Here I will always be proud to be with the ones on this righteous path. I am grateful first to Meridyen Association and to every effort that contributes to humanity, peace and freedom.”


After her speech, a plaque of appreciation was presented to Sare Davutoğlu by the Merdiyen Association President Saliha Büyükdeniz.