Meridyen Association, being the first non-governmental organization forming a debating club, brings world’s debate champions together in Istanbul.

Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship will be held between June 12 – 15, hosting the successfull debaters of the world.


Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship will start with the trainings given by the world’s and Europe’s champion debaters. Both “practical” and “content” trainings will be provided within the program starting on June 12, at Istanbul Sehir University.

Practical Trainings

How To Win from Opening Government
Strategy in BP
Whip Speeches
Argumentation and Case Building
How to Prepare for the Euros/Worlds

Content Trainings

Debating international Relations topic
Debating Women’s Rights
Debating Environmental Problems Topics
Debating Economics

Some of the Trainers

Tasneem Elias – World Debating Champion, 2007
Michael DG – World Debating Championship Second Best Speaker, 2015
Harish Natarja – World Debating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2014
Milan Vignjevic – European UniversitiesDebating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2014
Christine Simpson – European Universities Debating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2015
John McKee – World Debating Championship’s Co-chief Adjudicator, 2016
Emilia Carlqvist – European Universities Debating Championship’s Deputy Chief Adjudicator, 2015
Stela Braje – World Debating Championship Finalist
Pete Doughton – ESU Debate Trainer and Finalist of Many Tournaments

Following the trainings, the tournament will start on June 13. Debaters from Germany, Kosovo, Russia, Ghana, England, Azerbaijan, Scotland, Yemen, Iran, Malaysia, Ireland, Switzerland, Romania, China, Japan, Kazakhstan and Turkey will attend the tournament to debate on eight different topics such as international relation and women’s rights.

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