Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship was held by Meridyen Association between June 12-15.

The championship which was held at Istanbul Sehir University with the participation of important adjudicators experienced in debating such as Tasneem Elias (World Debating Champion, 2007), Michael DG (World Debating Championship Second Best Speaker, 2015), Harish Natarjan (World Debating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2014), Milan Vignjevic (European UniversitiesDebating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2014), Christine Simpson (European Universities Debating Championship’s Chief Adjudicator, 2015), John McKee (World Debating Championship’s Co-chief adjudicator, 2016), Stela Braje (World Debating Championship Finalist) and Pete Doughton (ESU Debate Trainer and Finalist of Many Tournament) started on Friday, June 12 with an Exhibition Debate between the world debating champions.


The trainings of Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship were provided as two parts, namely “practical trainings” and “content trainings”.


The tournament which had 6 rounds, a semi-final and a final continued  between June 13-14 with the debates of 32 teams from 20 different countries such as Germany, China, Russia, Kosovo, England, Azarbaijan, Yemen, Scotland, Malaysia, Iran, Ireland, Switzerland, Romania, Japan, Kazakhstan and Turkey.



As a result of the Final which was held at night on June 14, Parnian Sadeghi (Iran) and Duncan Crowe (Scotland) from the team ‘Das Debate Machine’ were awarded as the winners of the Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship while James Dixon from England was entitled to get “The Best Speaker” award.


Istanbul Meridyen Open 2015 International Debating Championship ended up with the lstanbul tour held on Monday, June 15.