Meridyen Youth starts its studies with the purpose to do projects letting the youth to actively participate in and take over responsibilities,

to host platforms in which socio-politic facts concerned closely by Turkey and Islamic world can be considered from a valid perspective,

to tell the world about prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by using the universal language of art.



– Meridyen Debating Club

For four years, Meridyen Debating Club has been continuing its trainings with its motto “Give every opinion a chance”.


– Fictional Short Movie Workshop

It is a workshop which lets the participants to experience every stage of a movie from scripting to production.

Trainer: Gökhan Yorgancıgil, Screenwriter/ Director

Starting Date: 7 November 2015 Saturday, 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm – Meridyen Association, Uskudar

Workshop Schedule:
It contains basic scripting training, scripting and production.

Workshop is predicted to last for 22 weeks. It will be held once a week on Saturdays, from 02:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

This program is for the participants at the ages between 18 and 25.

Attendance is compulsory.

Fictional Short Movie Training season has started and registration is now closed.

– Thematic Prophetic Biography Readings
For almost ten years, Meridyen Association has been telling people about Prophet Muhammad (saw) by web portal project which broadcasts in 4 different languages.

With “Thematic Prophetic Biography Readings” Meridyen aims to help the youth to know about Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) life with all its parts and reflect His life on their lives with the guidance of academicians who are experts in their fields.

Starting Date: 14 November 2015 Saturday, 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

Meridyen Association, Uskudar


Arabia before Islam/ Social and Political Structure/ Why Arabia? – Nihal Şahin Utku, Ass. Prof.

What is Prophetic Biography? Why should We Read it? Prophetic Biography’s Role in Understanding Qur’an truely – Hayreddin Karaman, PhD

The Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) Childhood and Youth – Yasemin Aslay, Psychologist

What Journeys, Sheepherding and Trade Life Taught Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)? –  Mustafa Özel, Dr 

Marriage Life of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) – Huriye Martı, Assoc. Prof.

Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) Relationships with His Social Environment – Necdet Subaşı, Dr

Thematic Prophetic Biography Readings training season has started and registration is now closed.

Those who attend 2/3 of the lessons will qualify to obtain Participation Certificate.