On June 23, 2016 Meridyen Association hosted Mr. Deepak Thimaya, the founder of

Verbattle Foundation, which is an international non-profit organisation and mainly active in



Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz Nalkıran, the Administrative Secretary of Meridyen Association and Mr.

Yavuz Yiğit, the trainer of Meridyen Debating Club took part in the meeting and gave detailed

information about the activities of Meridyen Association and Meridyen Debating Club.


In return, Mr. Thimaya presented the Verbattle Foundation and its activities and gave detailed

information on the debating studies performed in India, highlighting the role of Verbattle

Foundation in this field. Mr. Thimaya told that he had appreciated the efforts of Meridyen

Association in promoting the culture of debating in Turkey. Moreover, he announced his

research for counterparts for international tournaments. Underlying the meticulous and

efficient works of Meridyen Debating Club, Mr. Thimaya expressed his wish for cooperation

at international platforms.


Finally, Mr. Thimaya got further information about the other activities of Meridyen

Association and congratulated the organisation for promoting debating in Turkey.