Kamuoyuna DuyuruENG




Dear citizens,

Dear members and volunteers;

Since July 15, 2016 Friday evening, there has been a historically rarely seen struggle of
honour and dignity across Turkey. As Meridyen Association, we condemn every
organizer/responsible person who caused this event to happen and led our country to the
present state. We wish Allah’s mercy and grace for martyrs and quick recoveries for the wounded.

The coup attempt which was failed with prudent civilians from all different sections
came together for moral concernsand took a firm stand on it, is a terror project designed
to put into practice not only for today but also for our future.The fact that our civilization
and all values of humanity were targeted by relevant hateful attacks was clarified by the
actions of coup plotters.

Let’s Not Allow Our Youth Get Poisoned Again

As Turkish citizens, our most important duty against the aforementioned forces that
poisons the youth with their twisted disciplines that causes great destructions and massacres
damaging the environment of trust and communal harmony by taking advantage of religious
and moral values; is to protect the virtues which bring us together and to protect the youth
who are the future.

We would like to announce to the public that, just as we have done till now, we will try hard
to fulfil our responsibilities in accordance with the needs of society in order to let our future,
which was tried to be usurped with the coup attempt, to be built in the best way.


Meridyen Association