The Meridyen Association hosted a panel discussion entitled “Woman, Family and Career” on March 1, 2008, at the Grand Cevahir Hotel. Topics addressed during the panel included the problems faced by contemporary women who have built careers for themselves but have not abandoned certain aspects of tradition.



The program began with the opening of an exhibition by State Minister responsible for Family Affairs Ms. Nimet Çubukçu, and was held in two sessions.

The first session, entitled “Balancing Family and Business Life,” was moderated by journalist Ayşe Böhürler, and saw the participation of Tohum Otism Foundation founder and deputy chair Aylin Sezgin, author Dr. Sare Davutoğlu, and Memorial Hospital Health Operations Coordinator Şehminur Aydın.

The second session, “Woman, Family and Career: Is Multidimensionality Possible?” was moderated by Dr. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan, the member of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Bilgi University. Participants included Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Professor Çiçek Derman, The Children of Our Future Foundation Chairperson Müge Çelebican, author Nazife Şişman, and internist and nephrologist Dr. Rumeysa Kazancıoğlu.