Following the success of its “International 1400 Qur’an Reading Campaign” last year to mark the 1400thyear of the Qur’an’s revelation, has this year launched the global “1400 Qur’an Readings for 1400 Years of Prophethood Campaign”, this time to commemorate the Prophet Muhammad’s 1400 years of Prophethood.

Last year’s inaugural campaign was realized with worldwide participation from China to Indonesia, the Ivory Coast to Egypt, Austria to Bosnia, Turkmenistan to Malaysia and Germany, and America to Russia.

Last year’s campaign met great interest worldwide with the target being exceeded only a short time after the campaign’s launch. Participants read the Qur’an in its entirety a total 1725 times. The supplications performed at the completion of the readings were offered on the Night of Power in both İstanbul and Sarajevo, with Sarajevo’s program being broadcast live across Turkish and Bosnian public broadcasting channels, TRT AVAZ and BHT respectively.

Prayer Ceremony at İstanbul’s Historic Blue Mosque

This year’s congregational prayer ceremony  held at İstanbul’s landmark, historic Sultanahmet Mosque on the Night of Power (Friday, 26 August 2011).